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I am a multilingual communications professional with over five years of experience in marketing. I have worked in global companies, SMEs and start-ups, gaining global and local perspectives in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Enthusiastic and agile, I am driven to grow awareness and revenue for my clients with rigorous testing and strategic analysis.

"Reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time is always at the centre of what I do.

Combining my legal education, marketing experience, and global citizenship, I am committed to dedicating my energy, skills and ideas for successful communication."

I execute multi-channel campaigns to increase brand awareness and engagement. This includes creating and executing a strategy, monitoring results and refining. I offer copywriting, translation, email marketing and strategy for clients across a variety of sectors, including global education, food and art. I aim to implement effective altruism translation to maximise my impact.

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"Julia is great. She is quick, super-organized, and boundlessly enthusiastic. I have seen Julia research and absorb complex technical information, and write it in simple language for social media - without losing the message. She also writes with wit, proofreads carefully, and is a reliable team player. If you are thinking about working with Julia, I would highly recommend her."

Maura Hannon - Writer, Editor, Workshop Leader

January 2021

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