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Blog: Effective Giving

How can we do the most good with the resources we have? Effective altruism is a way of using evidence and reason to figure this out.

Interview for the Jacobs Foundation: Leila Tarokh, PhD

Many parents lose sleep making sure their kids get regular and quality shuteye. While their own sleep is equally important, they are right to make it a priority! Experts know that kids who regularly get enough sleep have improved attention, behavior, learning, memory, and overall better mental and physical health. 

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IT: Preparazione per il giorno della maratona

Magari non c’è persona migliore per condividere consigli su come prepararsi per una maratona di Paula Radcliffe, che ha stabilito e detenuto il record mondiale di maratona per 17 anni.  Questo post sul blog ti offre i punti salienti di Paula su come prepararti a correre la tua migliore maratona di sempre.

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The Paper to Podium podcast shares how to fuel, train and get results the way your favourite sportspeople do. Co-hosts Charlie and James talk about sports science and nutrition with guests from athletes to experts. This blog post brings you the key takeaways that you can implement to achieve your goals.

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