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Meine Lieblingsdinge sind Essen, Fitness, Reisen und Menschen. Außerdem liebe ich es, Sprachen zu lernen und mit Wörtern zu arbeiten. Als Britin und Deutsche habe ich eine Affinität zur italienischen Kultur und eine Liebe zu Südostasien. Gerne tue ich mein Bestes, Positives in der Welt zu verursachen.


Outgoing and communicative, connecting people and connecting with people through words is what I enjoy the most. Whether by sharing sharp content on social media, hosting events, or teaching a fitness class, reaching people with the right message at the right time fuels me.

You can count on me to keep the big picture in mind when working towards common goals. I value sustainability, growth and continuous education, and I believe in enjoying the work we do.

Combing my legal education and marketing experience in start-ups and SMEs, I am committed to dedicating my energy to successful communication.

When it comes to translation, word for word accuracy does not always convey a message in the best way: there is an art to understanding the intricacies of language. 

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